Development Resources

Don’t Do It Alone

Business development can be a difficult undertaking for anyone, especially in these uncertain times. Development in the business world can mean many things, including financial help, expansion, marketing, mission statements, branding, and much more. For a small business owner, business development may seem overwhelming. At the City of Challis, we provide various resources for small business owners when it comes to business development.

Our Resources

We are part of Custer County, and as such we offer resources through our county for business development. We want to ensure that our small business owners are fully supported, working closely with them to get them the help they need. The development resources we provide through Custer County include small business loans, project financing, administrative services, training, networking, and regional centers that can better support your needs. Our community is built on small businesses; it is important to ensure they have opportunities for growth and development!

We Are Here To Serve

Small businesses ensure our community will thrive. We are proud to serve local business, working with them to receive the help they need, and deserve. We want to ensure the business development process is as easy, and simple as possible for our business owners. If you would like to find out more about the resources we offer, or take advantage of our many resources through Custer County, please contact us!