Employment Opportunities

Check For Opportunities

We have a thriving community with many opportunities for local businesses, and with these opportunities come employment opportunities! Whether you are seeking employment, or an employer seeking help, the City of Challis may be able to assist you!

Find The Best Fit

Our employment resources offer job opportunities, business development tools to get you job ready, as well as resources for employers to find the help they need. We want to make the process of finding employment easier. This assistance is offered through various local, and state resources.

Happy & Healthy Community

We understand finding employment can be difficult, especially in uncertain times. As businesses thrive, employment opportunities increase. As employment opportunities increase, people feel more productive, accomplished, and happier. This further stimulates our economy through purchasing power. We want to ensure our community continues to thrive by offering employment resources to those who need them. We are proud to encourage, support, and continue to help citizens in our community succeed. Please contact us for more information on our employment resources!