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At the City of Challis, we believe local businesses are the key to a thriving community. They support our children’s education, help our local economy, and make our town a happier place. Local businesses are the backbone of our community, which is why we offer a variety of valuable resources to our local businesses. We want to ensure our local business owners have everything they need to “set up shop,” and succeed in Challis. Our city government works closely with local business owners to provide advice, applicable permits, resources, networking opportunities, and much more to ensure they are fully supported. Whether you are a new business owner, or wish to help your local businesses, we have the resources for you to use.

Business Directory

Our business directory can help you find the appropriate business for your needs. Challis may seem small, however we offer a variety of local businesses for almost any need. Our business owners are friendly, and ready to help ensure you get the help you need. We, in turn support our local business owners by helping them work with each other, and our community to the benefit of everyone. When the local business owner succeeds, everyone succeeds!

Starting A  Business

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We also partner with businesses in other locations, expanding our success to other communities. If you are from out of town, we want you to feel welcome. Please join our thriving community of Challis, and consider yourself at home with us. We want to provide the tools necessary to support your need. Feel free to contact us with any questions!