City Council

We Serve Our Community

We are proud to have a city council that works diligently to serve its’ citizens. Our city council works tirelessly to benefit our community, implementing only those policies which will better our community. The council, much like city government should work closely with our citizens. To that end, we encourage open discussion with regard to suggestions for improvement and progress. We encourage all citizens to speak up, and provide suggestions In order for our community to continue moving forward successfully! We must work together so that we may be able to thrive, and prosper as a community.

We Want To Hear You

Our city council is made up of four council members and one mayor. Currently our city council staff is as follows:

Corey Rice- Mayor; Term Expires January 2026

Cade Peterson- Councilor; Term Expires January 2028

Chris Sugden- Councilor; Term Expires January 2028

JaNean Bradshaw-Councilor; Term Expires January 2026

Dawn Maydole- Councilor; Term Expires January 2026

Come Join Us

All meetings are held at Challis City Hall, 414 E. Main Ave., unless otherwise specified. The Challis City Council meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM; special meetings are on the call of the council, or mayor. These meetings discuss upcoming policy changes, new suggestions, and much more. We encourage our citizens to get involved in the process. Please feel free to contact us to learn more!