City Government

We Are Transparent & Productive

At the City of Challis, we’re proud to support a transparent and productive city government. Within our city government, you’ll find many city departments, including city council, mayor, and commissions. Our city government works hard to be as open as possible when it comes to new policies and regulations within Challis. Our duties are to serve our townsfolk to the best of our abilities, which is why we work closely with our citizens to benefit our local community. We believe that in order for city governments to succeed and be productive, they must be completely transparent with their citizens, and also have ongoing discussions with their townsfolk. Due to this, we encourage our citizens to speak up and make suggestions for the benefit of our town. We believe that everyone’s voice is important, and encourage people to voice their opinions.

We Work For You

We’re proud to have a city government that works hard to benefit our local community and businesses. No matter your question, we have someone who can answer it. Our city government ensures our citizens are being helped and supported. We have multiple resources for our citizens, including our city codes, volunteer opportunities, news alerts, city hall, employment services, and other government partnerships that we work with. Our goal is to empower all of our citizens to benefit our town and to move it into the future. We want our citizens to feel welcome and encouraged to speak with our city government about any suggestions or questions they may have.

City Council

City Hall

City Departments

Our Council Members

The Challis City Council regularly meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Special meetings are on the call of the council, or mayor. Unless otherwise identified, meetings will be held at the Challis City Hall.


Corey Rice- Mayor; Term Expires January 2026

Chuck Felton- Councilor; Term Expires January 2024

Travis Hardy- Councilor; Term Expires January 2024

JaNean Bradshaw- Councilor; Term Expires January 2025

Dawn Maydole- Councilor; Term Expires January 2025