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Welcome To Challis

Challis is a community of local business owners and supporters. Nestled next to the Salmon-Challis National Forest, our scenery is breathtaking, as well as rugged! You will find prime wilderness, including some of the top wilderness areas within the continental United States. Our community may be small, however, it is very welcoming! At nearly 1,000 residents, we are the seat of Custer County. Our community has a thriving economy due to our support, and commitment to core industries such as ranching, farming, mining, logging, and recreation. Come for a visit, and stay for a while; experience true Idaho hospitality!

Business Resources

Whether you are a local business owner, starting a new business, or interested in any one of our local business, we have everything you need right here! We offer various support systems for local business owners, as well as networking opportunities for business owners and investors. We, as a community believe in moving forward, not remaining in the past! Whether you know someone who owns a local business, or are a business owner yourself, we are grateful for you. In order to help cultivate a community of local businesses, we offer various resources to their benefit in order to help them succeed.

Whether you are a visitor, or “putting down roots,” we welcome you. As our community continues to grow, new opportunities will emerge. We hope you will take advantage of our small town hospitality, and local businesses. We, as a community are focused, and excited to keep moving forward! There really is no place like Challis!

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City Government

Here, at the City of Challis, we take pride in educating our community about city government, as well as encouraging them to participate in the process. Educated citizens are better prepared, informed regarding their community, and can help propel a community forward in the most efficient, productive, and cost effective manner. No door should be closed; rather, we encourage everyone’s voice to be heard. Whether you are a visitor, or a member of the community, your words matter to us. Please, share your thoughts, as well as ideas with us; participate more in our local community!

Stay Informed

Whether you want to learn more about community events, or be kept up-to-date regarding community emergencies, it is important to stay informed! We believe in providing our citizens with knowledge and preparedness for any situation, which is why we encourage everyone to register for alerts, as well as other emergency notifications. We also believe that our community prospers when more people attend local events, which is why we also want everyone to stay informed regarding issues/event in our community. Learn more about us, here!